iQtek reveals innovations and expands its service capabilities

iQtek, the undisputed leader in next-generation technological solutions, marked a significant milestone with the celebration of its inaugural event, presenting to its select clients the renovated facilities that house its new and advanced SOC and NOC Incident Response and Monitoring Center. This comprehensive space is distinguished by its certification, which meets the most rigorous market standards, offering a wide range of services that cover protection, monitoring, incident response, forensic investigation, crisis management and business continuity plans.

This event not only symbolized an unwavering commitment to operational excellence and complete customer satisfaction on the part of iQtek, but also served as the stage for the launch of the company's new corporate identity.

The activity, held at iQtek's modern facilities, not only presented the advanced SOC and NOC, but also highlighted the expansion of iQtek's business portfolio, accompanied by the premiere of a dedicated mobile application.

Designed to provide a seamless and transparent experience, the app empowers customers to track their orders, closely monitor the progress of their projects, and open new cases, all from the convenience of their mobile devices. In addition, it offers the possibility of evaluating the quality of the services received, facilitating direct feedback and ensuring continuous excellence.

The event also served as a networking platform, where customers interacted directly with the iQtek team, discussed future strategies and explored opportunities for closer collaboration. This event not only represents an advance, but a new era in the way iQtek integrates technology to enhance its clients' business.

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