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Equip your citizens with the most in-demand skills, reduce unemployment and support local industry driving economic growth.

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One new job is created for every
30 people trained online*


of students on the Coursera platform
report professional benefits

Join workforce development leaders from around the world

Leaders from more than 100 countries and 30 US states partner with Coursera to upskill and reskill their citizen workforce.

Ministries of labor and education National and regional programs to reduce unemployment and meet industry skills needs.
Ministries of digital transformation, communications and IT Technology and IT focused programs aimed at in-demand jobs in the digital economy.
Our provinces Programs to develop a highly qualified workforce at the state and regional level.
Cities of the Dominican Republic Municipal and local job readiness programs to prepare citizens for successful employment.
Non-Profit Organizations and Foundations Skills development programs for underrepresented individuals and groups, including youth and women.
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Prepare your workforce for entry-level and in-demand jobs

Offer your students professional certificates from the world's leading companies, including Google, Meta, IBM, and more. No previous experience or college degree is required to enroll.

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Help citizens develop in-demand skills

Provide access to job-relevant training and credentials from over 275 leading universities and companies.

“It's about giving Louisianans the opportunity to learn new marketable skills to advance in their current job or pursue the career they've always wanted.”

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Ava C.

Secretary, Louisiana Workforce Commission

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